About Us

Nova Jade Cosmetics is a Veteran Owned Business.

-Our mission is to please customers by combining high quality ingredients that can be applied to create an image of clean elegant skin that last.


The Story That Got Me Here.

     Nova Jade Cosmetics was inspired by a U.S. Army Veteran who was suffering from many injuries and needed help. Prior to military service, Jason Moralez had a life long history of being a high performing athlete in several sports such as football, soccer, roller hockey, and a variety of track and field events. After 9/11, when Jason joined the military, he was in top physical condition and ready to tackle any mission the Army gave him.

      During Jason's service to his country he started to develop injuries, but never wanted to leave the military or its mission, so he stayed and continued to push through his daily pains to hide his injuries. After time, other injuries started to develop from compensating his body to appear uninjured to his peers. This wore on him and he felt that he needed help from a doctor to get better to be the high performing soldier he always was. The only answers the doctors gave Jason was a cocktail of pain medications with no real treatment to make the injuries better.

     Jason continued to push through his injuries with the medications masking his pain long enough for him to get through each day, but his injuries were getting worse. He knew something else besides traditional medications were needed to get better instead of just masking the pain, but no help was in sight. Eventually he was medically discharged from the Army and was enrolled in a physical rehabilitation program with the Veterans Affairs. During this time of recovery, he decided that he wasn't going to take the pills that were prescribed to him anymore and seek other methods to get better.

     As a child growing up, Jason rarely went to a doctor and was always healthy due to the herbal medicine methods that were practiced in his family. He took this into consideration and spent every day studying herbal medicine and other holistic techniques to get better. After reading up on Ancient Egyptian cosmetics, he found that topical applications made with certain plants could rejuvenate the body in more ways than were known in the traditional medicine practices that he once relied on. 

     At first, he created skin salves to help keep him in shape, so he could go back to work without being restricted by pain all day. Other co-workers noticed Jason using his product during breaks and asked about them. Soon after they revealed long- term medical conditions to Jason and asked if they could try his product also. His product helped every one of his co-workers who asked to use it for a variety of medical conditions. Jason started making bigger batches of his product which he named "Munkydough", so he could provide healing for others who sought out the rejuvenating properties. As the word spread out Jason was advised by many to do something bigger with this miracle product he created.

      His answer to this was going back to school and majoring in Biochemistry, so he could gain a better understanding of what was going on at the molecular level. As time passed during his school years, he formulated many products to test on himself. The result was Jason being in a better condition than he had been in years and able to participate in the sports he loves, without any medication or doctors involved in the process.

      Now Jason is committed to bringing his skills to the Anti-Aging market, so others can enjoy a higher quality of life by looking and feeling their best.