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What to Look Out For with Private Cosmetic Brands

 Scientific Skin Care with Nova Jade

          A few things to look out for with private cosmetic labels, are companies that use everyday kitchen equipment in their production. If someone is making skin creams with whippers, blenders, or stick mixers, there is no way that the water and oil molecules are being cut down to the proper size to mix to a homogeneous state. When a skin cream has water on the top similar to how yogurt does, that is a dead giveaway that the company is using improper equipment and the skin cream has potential issues.


     Second, real scientific practices involve weighting out ingredients down to the gram in most cases. If a company is using tablespoons, measuring cups, or eyeballing ingredients their is no way true formulating was involved in the process of production. Weighting is critical to achieve proper dosages of active ingredients and preservatives to allow for safe use. The wrong amount of preservatives in a peptide based solution could lead to the growth of germs after the product has been introduce to daily environments by the consumer.

     Nova Jade Cosmetics follows safe manufacturing practices and uses the same equipment utilized in cosmetic labs to produce smaller samples. It is a true craft that cant be learned overnight on the internet and certainly cant be done without the right equipment. If you want anti aging products that work, choose Nova Jade Cosmetics.



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