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Space Matrix 3000 Anti Aging Skin Serum 4 FL. OZ.

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Fast Acting Skin Tightening Serum With Matrixyl 3000.

    Do you have oily skin ? Do you want a skin serum that tightens skin , feels natural and moisturizes ? Space Matrix 3000 is a premium anti aging skin serum gel for oily skin , created to fill in fine lines and wrinkles . Space Matrix 3000 Anti Aging Skin Serum has been formulated with anti aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, and the super peptide Matrixyl 3000 . Space Matrix 3000 is a skin serum that hydrates skin throughout the day and can boost collagen production to help you look younger and feel happy.

      Another premium ingredient added to Space Matrix 3000 Anti Aging Skin Serum, is Sesaflash for skin tightening against wrinkles and also acts as an all-day moisturizer. Sesaflash is derived from sesame extract and has a reputation for immediate visible results with reducing wrinkles and expression lines. The outcome of Sesaflash being combined into Space Matrix 3000 Anti Aging Serum creates a comfortable and gentle application for consumers to enjoy, unlike some skin serums that feel like a crusty film mask.Sesaflash Tight Skin

      Space Matrix 3000 Anti Aging Skin Serum also contains high quality Lavender and Rosemary Essential oils to create a wonderful aromatherapy session to enjoy throughout the day. Lavender Essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for soothing skin that's irritated. Lavender is also good for reducing acne scarring and spots. Rosemary oil is a great addition due to its anti-oxidant properties and will also provide your skin with iron, calcium and several essential vitamins. A skin serum with essential oils is one you can trust versus others with chemical fragrance used for scent.

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Directions to use: Wash your face and neck first with a deep cleansing bar, such as our Dead Sea Dragon Suds. While your skin is still moist, apply about a dime size amount of serum to the face and neck area until you have a thin even layer. Let the serum dry for a moment on your face without making facial expressions for best results. Can be used alone before bed or when you wake up. It also works well on the back of hands and along arms to tighten loose aging skin .

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