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Cream of Le Cosmos Anti Aging Cream For Wrinkles 4 FL. OZ.

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Moisturizing Anti Aging Skin Cream With Peptides and Vitamin C! 

        Are you tired of the same old Anti Aging products that have tons of chemicals in them? Do you want results that can make a difference in your life? Our solution is Cream of Le Cosmos. Cream of Le Cosmos is the best Anti Aging cream you will find. Cream of Le Cosmos has been created with over 80% of natural ingredients that were selected for their skin nurturing qualities. Using skincare products with natural ingredients will keep you safe from harmful chemicals introduced in other products.

     To ensure you get the results you want, a combination of anti aging peptides that can provide significant benefits have also been included in Cream of Le Cosmos. Among these anti-aging peptides included in Cream of Le Cosmos are Matrixyl 3000, Reproage, and Argireline NP. These three peptides have demonstrated superior effectiveness against the development of wrinkles as well as significantly reducing wrinkles with regular use of products that contain these anti aging peptides.  To compliment these super peptides, Hyaluronic acid and Collagen have been added in Cream of Le Cosmos to help increase collagen production within the body. This combination will provide superior anti aging results with reducing wrinkles and obtaining a youthful appearance. 

    Cream of Le Cosmos has a wonderful long-lasting scent from the essential oils of Rose Absolute, and Patchouli. Both oils have also been proven to alleviate stress through aromatherapy and reduce scars when applied topically. An anti aging cream with essential oils such as Cream of Le Cosmos can be trusted more than a cream that has been scented with unknown chemicals with unknown effects.

    Leave it up to Cream of Le Cosmos to give you what you need in an Anti Aging cream. Most cosmetic companies will only sell small containers of their anti aging creams and can leave the consumer worried that they will run out before they can feel the long-term effects of their product. Nova Jade Cosmetics understands this issue and that is why we sell our anti aging creams in 4-ounce containers. This gives the consumer the ability to use the cream multiple times a day, every day, without the worry of running out prior to realizing results.        
Directions to use: Wash your face and neck first with a deep cleansing bar, such as our Dead Sea Dragon Suds. Gently dry your face and neck, but leave moist. Apply about a dime size amount of Cream of Le Cosmos to the face and neck area until you have an even layer. Cream of Le Cosmos should be applied at least twice a day for desired long term results with reducing wrinkles.